Paul Sanchez

Paul Sanchez

Rooted in the Values of Family, Community and Integrity
  • Raised in Arroyo Hondo
  • U.S. Marine Veteran
  • 17 Years with the NM State Police
  • Proven leadership as a prosecutor
Paul Sanchez was raised at the foot of Sanchez lane in Arroyo Hondo, where his mother served as the postmaster for 30 years.

My father passed away when I was young, so she made ends meet with nine of us children. Most of my family is still right here on Sanchez Lane. I'm carrying on the family tradition, raising my daughter and my granddaughter.

Paul's Story

Paul’s journey began when he graduated from Taos High School. He knew he wanted to become a State Police officer, inspired by an uncle, and saw the Marines as his pathway.

If you want to know about discipline and determination, the U.S. Marines will teach you," Paul said. "I have always tried, my whole life, to be of service to my family, my community and along the the way, to myself.

Next step: the New Mexico State Police. There, Paul started as a patrol officer, working his way up to Lieutenant and second in command of the Espanola district.

I've busted major drug dealers, been shot at and made cases that put some seriously bad people behind bars. My experience in the State Police laid the foundation for my career as a prosecutor.

If you've been on patrol, if you've worn the uniform of a police officer, you know the work and the challenges. As a prosecutor, I have always looked at a case from that perspective. And I have always believed in two key ideas: police have to know what happens to their hard work when it is presented in court, and prosecutors have to work cooperatively with police.

With 17 years of service in the State Police, Paul was ready for his next challenge. After getting his law degree, he joined the Fifth Judicial District Attorney’s staff in Roswell.

I wanted to come back home, but first I wanted to get some experience, and in Roswell, they throw you into major prosecutions right away. I prosecuted violent felons, major drug cases and I won multiple murder trials there. That's where I learned how to bring a case to trial. After that, I was ready to come back north.

Paul served under the previous District Attorney from 2010 to 2013, managing the Union and Colfax County offices, and trying case after case to conviction.
But he saw something that troubled him. He saw too many cases being dropped for the wrong reasons. He saw what he believes is a lack of discipline.

That’s why he’s running for District Attorney. He wants to fix a broken system.

As a prosecutor, I want to make myself available from the first minute of a case: from the crime scene. I want to help police officers handle evidence, prepare warrants and develop cases.

We have seen a pattern where prosecutors make scapegoats out of the police, saying that a case fell apart because of the cops. That's just not the way to be a leader.

Instead, a District Attorney has to accept responsibility and serve as a resource, for victims of crime, for police officers working long hard hours to develop a case, and ultimately, to the community.

It's about service. That's what I've done all of my life, and that's what I want to keep doing.

-Paul V. Sanchez